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Laser Tattoo Removal

Here at Envy Aesthetics, we love the tattoos that.. you might not so much.

We also understand that nothing is forever, and tastes change over time.  You shouldn’t have to live with the choices you made when you initially got your tattoo.

Our Clinic is equipped with industry-standard Q-Switched laser technology, optimising our ability to remove the broadest range of tattoo inks – including reds, greens and blues – and to minimise the length and number of treatment sessions.

We follow best-practice protocols in assessing suitability for treatment, providing advice on what you need to do to look after your skin between treatment sessions and minimising any pain or discomfort during the removal process.

We provide your initial, no-obligation consultation free of charge. During this consultation we:

  • carefully assess whether the treatment is right for you (some skin types and medical conditions increase treatment risks)
  • fully explain the process and answer any questions you may have
  • give you a realistic estimate of the number of treatments needed and the cost involved
At Envy Aesthetics, we follow the best laser tattoo removal protocols in Australia at our clinic in Queensland. We ensure minimum discomfort and maximum safety throughout the removal process. Book your appointment now!
Laser Tattoo Removal price guide
Extra Small. About the size of a .50c coin - $50
Small. About the size of half a playing card - $80
Medium About the size of a playing card- $100-$120
Passport size - $150-$180
1/2 Sleeve - $200-$300
Full Sleeve - $300-$450
1/4 Back - $200-$300
1/2 Back - $300-$450
Buy 4 get the 5th free!

So how do lasers clear up unwanted tattoos? We use a specialised laser that targets the ink but leaves the skin unphased. As the laser passes over the tattoo, it penetrates the skin, finding and fracturing the tattoo’s pigmentation. All the while, the laser has no effect on the surrounding skin.

The laser is able to break up the pigmentation into particles small enough that the body is then able to naturally flush them away via the lymphatic system, which is part of the body’s immune system. In some ways, the lymphatic system can be viewed as the body’s drainage system, helping to flush toxins, excess fluids, and other potentially harmful substances out of the body. Using a laser to remove unwanted tattoos engages the body’s natural processes for removing foreign materials to get rid of that old ink.

Due to the differences among tattoos–including the colors and the density–there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how many laser sessions it will take for your tattoo to completely disappear. However, any tattoo will begin to show signs of fading after just a single treatment. For those with tattoos featuring darker pigmentations, it is likely to take fewer sessions than for those with fluorescent hues in their tattoos. This is because darker pigmentations absorb more energy from the laser, making them more susceptible to the laser’s destructive effects. However, fluorescent colors absorb less and reflect back more of that light, meaning it takes more work to get them to break down.

Well, it’s certainly not pleasant!

Here at Envy Aesthetics, our nurses can apply a topical numbing cream, and you can relax in our state-of-the-art massage chair for 30 minutes prior to your laser session. If this is something you are interested in, you can select that option on the booking page.

We also use a cryo cooler, where freezing cold air is blown out of a nozzle and directed at the tattoo while you’re having a laser treatment.

How painful is it?

If you’ve had a tattoo done in the first place and you got through that, then believe me, you can get through laser tattoo removal. The feeling is really like a hot needle pricking you very quickly, or like an elastic band twanging you over and over again.

Everyone has a different pain threshold, and the experience of laser tattoo removal varies greatly.

The area of the body makes a big difference.
If your tattoo is on your upper arm, shoulders or somewhere quite fleshy, then these areas tend to be less painful than bony areas. Laser tattoo removal across the spine usually hurts more. Also, laser tattoo removal on the hands and feet hurts more than on fleshy areas of the arm or leg.

Make it Pain-free today!  You can now select to have numbing cream applied by one of our cosmetic nurses, kick back and relax in our state-of-the-art massage chair for an additional $19